French Cuisine

  • Gorgeous Authentic French Copper And Brass Saucepans
  • Refurbished New Tin E. Dehillerin Paris Ancient French Hammered Copper Pan. Int Diam 8.7 22cm Weight 7.21lbs 3.27kgs. 2.8mm 3mm
  • Reserved For Susan
  • 3mm Thick Gaillard Paris Professional Vintage French Copper Saucepan Lid, 5.3 13.5cm Weight Comb 4.27lbs 1.94kgs. 3.1mm 3.4mm
  • Stamped G.m Vanneuss, Bruxelles. Large Dovetailed Ancient Copper Saucepan. Int Diam 7.85 20cm Weight 6.54lbs 2.97kgs 2mm
  • H.g.r Verbeelen Antwerpen Belgian Copper Windsor Pan. Int Diam 7.75 18.7cm. Weight 4.47lbs 2.03kgs . Thickness 2.5mm
  • H.g.r Verbeelen Antwerpen Belgian Copper Saute Pan Lid. Int Diam 8.5 21.5cm. Weight 6.04lbs 2.74kgs . Thickness 2.8mm
  • Refurbished, New Tin Ancient French Hammered Copper Windsor Pan. Int Diam 9.65 24.5cm .weight -5.33lbs 2.42kgs. 2.5mm Thick
  • French Copper Saucepan Iron Handle Heavy Gauge French Farmhouse
  • Antique French Copper Pans Jaeggi Of Duke Street And Grand Magasins Saucepans Cast Iron Handles Seasoned Tin Lined Saucepans Plus Lid