Copper (1/3)

  • Refurbished New Tin E. Dehillerin Paris Ancient French Hammered Copper Pan. Int Diam 8.7 22cm Weight 7.21lbs 3.27kgs. 2.8mm 3mm
  • Large French Copper Saucepan
  • Reserved L.s Please Do Not Purchase As It Is No Longer For Sale. Thank You For Your Consideration
  • Antique Copper Saucepan From England
  • Antique Slightly Hammered Copper Pot With Heart Handle Bottom Dovetail
  • 5pc Set Vintage French Copper Pots Pans Cookware
  • An Antique Hand Beaten French Copper Pan
  • 3mm Thick Gaillard Paris Professional Vintage French Copper Saucepan Lid, 5.3 13.5cm Weight Comb 4.27lbs 1.94kgs. 3.1mm 3.4mm
  • Non Utilized Mauviel 1830 French Brushed Copper Sugar Syrup Pan Still In Wrapper 2.2mm Thick, Ext Diam 6.3 16cm. Weight 2.89lbs 1.31kg
  • French Copper Confit Pot La Brasiere Faitout
  • Vintage French Copper Saucepan
  • Small Tall Ancient Dovetailed Seams French 1mm Copper Jus Reduction Sauce Pan Milk Pan With Ornate Handle, 4.5 11 Cm 1.74lbs 0.79kgs