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  • E.dehillerin, Paris. Set Of 5 X Professional Antique French Hammered Copper Saucepans. Sizes 12,14,16,18,20cms. 21.36lb 9.69kg. 2.8mm 3mm
  • Vintage Informal Iroquois Ben Seibert Flameproof Pan With Lid
  • Antique Copper Jam Basin, 19th Century Kitchen Coppers, Old Copper Kitchen Utensil, Rustic Kitchen, French Copper Cauldron, Copper Country.
  • Bbq Pan
  • 3mm Thick Gaillard Paris Professional Vintage French Copper Saucepan Lid, 5.3 13.5cm Weight Comb 4.27lbs 1.94kgs. 3.1mm 3.4mm
  • Pot With Pasta, Casserole, Pan, Pasta, Copper, Brass Handles, Induction Bottom, Made In Italy, Produced In Italy